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K-State Slate: 6.13.11




Erik Kynard won the men's high jump and Ryann Krais won the women's heptathlon over the weekend at the NCAA Track and Field Outdoor Championships. Kynard's title in the high jump is K-State's fourth in the last thirteen years.

The State of Kansas has ordered automobile dealerships to stop giving vehicles with dealer tags to the KU athletic department. There are so many potential jokes here. I think it's funny that the picture with the article includes a shot of a car with Missouri dealer tags.

Phil Steele's preview magazine is out. Buy it. Read it. Obey it.

It's been one year since the Big 12 was saved (or saved itself). Dan Beebe played a central role in saving the conference. A more equal revenue sharing model, along with more money divided among fewer teams, hasn't hurt things.

After a series of bizarre twists and turns, Bill Stewart is out as West Virginia's head coach.