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K-State Slate: 6.1.11




The Big 12 meetings are this week in Kansas City, and the fact that you haven't been thinking about them for months goes a long way in explaining how much calmer they will be this year. Of course, we probably won't be getting any masterful, behind-the-scenes reporting like this out of Panjandrum this year, but that's OK.

Haskin talks K-State baseball, Royals and Indianapolis 500 in his midweek musings, not necessarily in that order.

Carl Torbush stepped down as the defensive coordinator at KU after being diagnosed with prostrate cancer. Our best wishes to him for a full recovery.

Nebraska quarterback Cody Green is transferring. He probably wasn't any good anyway.

From the mothership, Spencer Hall examines Jim Tressel's demise, a.k.a., the death of a mortician.