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K-State Slate: 5.6.11




Happy Hangover de Mayo, everyone.

Farmageddon will be played on championship weekend this year. Thank God the game's in Manhattan this year. I mean, Manhattan in December is bad enough, but can you imagine December football in Ames? Would the teams score more points than players who left the game due to frostbite?

With two more transfers this week, the opinions are flying about K-State basketball's roster turnover. Austin Meek wonders if losing 10 players to transfer in four years will catch up with K-State. Meanwhile, Curtis Kitchen thinks this is an inevitable consequence of modern college basketball. In other words, get used to it.

For the Royals fans in the crowd, Kansas City has called up phenom prospect Eric Hosmer. Royals Review, SB Nation's site for Kansas City, thinks the decision-making process behind calling up Hosmer is flawed, but that there are some positives. As for me, it probably means I'll be at Kauffman Stadium tonight.

CRFF takes a look at which sport, basketball or football (or baseball), each Big 12 school prefers. The calculation is based on the number of posts on either sport at the school's respective blogs. They also have an awesome graph. Thanks to BracketCat's tireless work during basketball season, BOTC leans solidly toward basketball, at basically a 60/40 split. 

And finally, via Catlab and as posted by Spencer Hall (of EDSBS, for those who don't know), Bill Snyder throws the best raves