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K-State Slate: 5.5.11




Happy Cinco de Mayo, everyone. I plan to celebrate by drinking beer from Michigan.

Juevol Myles is following Nick Russell and leaving the K-State basketball program. Only hours before this news became official, BracketCat sent me this link with the sentiment that Myles didn't sound like someone who was going anywhere.

K-State lost a home run derby baseball game to Cal-State Bakersfield last night in Manhattan, but still took three of four games on the season against the Roadrunners. Surging Missouri comes to town this weekend for a crucial three-game series.

K-State's Corey Adams is a victim of the NFL lockout. Seriously, what team wouldn't want the best long-snapper in the history of the Big 12 conference? 

Is Turner Gill Dan Hawkins 2.0? Will he even be that "good"?

Texas can fire ESPN's Longhorn TV employees if it doesn't like their commentary. Peter doesn't think that's necessarily a big deal, but also takes a look at the type of commentary UT fans should want on the network.

Black Heart Gold Pants has a follow up to the college football player development post from earlier this week.