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BOTC Podcast: 5.5.11 ESPN's David Ubben

Listen in as my good friend and Big 12 Blogger David Ubben and I discuss how to pronounce his name and various K-State football topics, including the Spring Game, the offense, key defensive players, the difficulties of the new Big 12ish schedule, why he hates Willie the Wildcat, and predictions for the upcoming season (more or less in that order, in case you want to skip around). We also touch on what to expect in Bill Snyder's future as LHCBS, Big 12 players with the best Twitter account, and why you should rethink your decision to send Ubben a hateful email.

If you've got any more questions for Ubben about football or anything else we talked about, leave them in the comments. I'll pass the good ones along to him and he'll answer them via an email that we'll put in another post.

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