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K-State Slate: 5.4.11




Nick Russell is transferring from K-State. Well, probably. He's pretty sure anyway. But yeah, he's transferring.

K-State's Astroturf camera made EDSBS yesterday. I'm so proud that we can provide sustenance for the starving college football fan during the long, arduous offseason.

The Pac-12 announced its new TV contract yesterday. A conference network will be created, and ESPN and Fox will carry football, basketball and Olympic sports. The contract is worth $250 million per year, which is more than $20 million per school. Credit to conference commissioner Larry Scott, who looked dead in the water when he whiffed on getting Texas last summer, but still managed to make the Pac-12 the highest-paid conference in the land. I guess I was accustomed to incompetent Pac-10 leadership, so I had my expectations low.

Clone Chronicles has its reaction to the Pac-12 TV contract, and what it means for the Big 12. I generally agree that it's a good sign for the conference. If the money is there now, there should be even more available in 2015-16, when the Big 12's primary TV contract is up for renegotiation.

Boise State got slapped with a KU Special (a.k.a., "lack of institutional control") over an egregious violation by their tennis coach and a few minor things the football team did. Peter is aghast that Boise State gets LOIC for what it did, while Ohio State and Jim Tressel get a bare notice of allegations for much more serious, and blatant, violations.