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BatCats Receive 3-Seed in the Fullerton Regional

Some how, some way, the BatCats made it into the field of 64. Not only did they make the tournament, but I don't even hate their draw, as far as getting out of the Fullerton Regional goes. They play 2-seed Stanford (32-20) in the first round, and the winner of the Fullerton (40-15) / Illinois (28-25) game.

I don't see either of those match-ups as unwinnable. I would not be surprised to see the Cats win the regional, but it would be equally unsurprising to me if they went two-and-barbecue either. This season has been so wildly inconsistent that nothing they do (or don't do) shocks me anymore. Hit the jump for a poll on how the BatCats will do, as well as the regional seedings for both the Fullerton Regional and the Chapel Hill Regional, the winner of which our regional champion will play.

Fullerton Regional (Winner vs. Chapel Hill Regional)
1. Cal State Fullerton (40-15)
2. Stanford (32-20)
3. Kansas State (36-23)
4. Illinois (28-25)

Chapel Hill Regional (Winner vs. Fullerton Regional)
1. North Carolina (45-14)
2. Florida International (40-18-1)
3. James Madison (40-17)
4. Maine (32-22)