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K-State Slate: 5.3.11




There isn't much out there today. Sorry.

Iowa blog Black Heart Gold Pants has an interesting statistical analysis of the best talent-development schools in the country. They take the likelihood of an "x-star" (two-star, three-star, four-star, or five-star) recruit being draft, calculate how many players should have been drafted from each school, and then compare how many recruits actually were drafted from each school. They take the data back to 2002, so it's no surprise that K-State comes in near the bottom of the BCS schools in this ranking. If one of you has time -- and the data is available far enough back -- you should take a look at calculating what K-State's development ratio would be for 1996-2003 or 2004. My guess is it wouldn't be much better than middle of the pack, but it would be better than bottom of the BCS.

Unlike Nebraska, Syracuse exited the AAU with its dignity intact.

Here's an article that takes a deeper look at the process that led to Nebraska's AAU membership ending.

...and that's it for today. I'm really not looking forward to finding links to fill this space for the next four months.