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97 DAYS TO KICKOFF: Adam Davis


#97 Adam Davis
Redshirt Junior
6-0 | 254
Folkston, Ga.


Position: Defensive End

Previous College: Hutchinson Community College

Projection: Second-String

Status: On Scholarship

The status of Adam Davis (b. Feb. 12, 1988) is a little bit up in the air these days after he posted a cryptic Facebook update last month referencing a meeting with a dean and the possibility of getting kicked out of school.

There has been no follow-up, so hopefully things were resolved in such a way that he can buckle down on his studies this summer and stay enrolled.

Assuming he remains on the team in the fall, Davis will be a huge part of addressing a major shortcoming in the 2010 defense — the lack of a pass rush.

Before he suffered a back injury last season that forced him to redshirt and threatened his future career, the word on the street was that Davis was by far the best pass rusher on last year's roster.

While he likely has relinquished that distinction to Meshak Williams, you still need more than one good pass rusher.