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K-State Slate: 5.20.11




K-State takes on KU in baseball this weekend with a berth in the Big 12 Championship on the line. The first game is tonight in Manhattan, before the series shifts to Lawrence for the weekend. If you can make it out to the park this weekend, the Bat Cats could use your support.

Oklahoma's starting middle linebacker, Austin Box, is dead at 22 years old. The cause of death is officially unknown, but it may have been an overdose. Our condolences to Box's family, friends and teammates.

At the NCAA blog, John Infante writes that it's time for college football to pick a side. Either it's part of the NCAA or it's not.

Should have posted this yesterday, but the Big 10 is considering a proposal to make athletic scholarships cover living expenses, in addition to covering academic expenses. If you need a clue about the Big 10's motivation in exploring this proposal, this quote from conference commissioner Jim Delany should provide said clue:

"How do we get back more toward the collegiate model and a regulatory system that is based more on student-athlete welfare than it is on a level playing field, where everything is about a cost issue and whether or not everybody can afford to do everything everybody else can do?" Delany asked.

Yep, Jim cares about the welfare of student athletes, but only as long as it provides the Big 10 Conference a competitive advantage.