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K-State Slate: 5.16.11




Last week was not one that will be remembered fondly by K-State and KU. K-State settled its lawsuit with former football coach Ron Prince, while the last of the KU employees involved in the ticket scandal was sentenced to 57 months in jail.

Blood clots hospitalized Frank Martin over the weekend, a complication of his recent knee surgery. 

Speaking of Frank Martin, he is now on Twitter. You can follow him @FrankMartinKSU. I liked this tweet.

K-State assistant Dalonte Hill has interviewed for a job on Mark Turgeon's new staff at Maryland. Sounds like Hill wants out of town.

The Bat Cats swept New Orleans in a non-conference series over the weekend

At the Big 12 Track & Field Championships, K-State's Ryann Krais won the women's 400m hurdles, while Erik Kynard won the men's high jump.

Graduation was this weekend at K-State. Congratulations to the thousands of students who earned their degrees, including the 36 student athletes.

Texas A&M has hired Murray State's Billy Kennedy to replace Turgeon in College Station.