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K-State Slate: 5.12.11




What happens when you are chosen for an elite squad based on your performance -- or hype -- from a glorified scrimmage? Why, you are named to the Rivals All-Spring team, that's what! Congrats to Arthur Brown on the recognition. I think it's interesting that he's getting more run, locally and nationally, than his more-hyped younger brother.

Player defections, coaching defections, school defections. Next year in Big 12 basketball is going to be pretty cray-cray.

Rick Barnes got a $200,000 raise from Texas. I didn't realize Texas had U.S. currency in denominations smaller than $500,000.

To steal the name of a former SB Nation blog, we will always have Tempe! The Fiesta Bowl was fined $1 million, but it's still a BCS bowl!

The Dagger takes a look at who Texas A&M should target to replace Mark Turgeon. I have my own thoughts on this matter. #RonPforTAMU

File this under "information that could've been brought to my attention a year ago." Seth has an excellent post on the 4-2-5 defense...just in time for K-State to scrap the 4-2-5 and move back to a traditional 4-3.