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K-State Slate: 5.12.11




K-State has added North Dakota State to its 2013 football schedule. I would have called NDSU the Jayhawk-slayers, but that wouldn't differentiate them from many teams.

Haskin takes a look at roster turnover, Turgeon to Maryland, the Royals and Sunflower Showdown baseball in his midweek musings.

The athletes on K-State's 4x100 relay team were named the Big 12's male athletes of the week.

Gus Johnson could be coming to a Big 12 football broadcast near you. "Drop and fire ... open ... GOT IT!!!"

I missed this piece last week when Bill posted it at RMN, so I'm telling all of you not to make the same mistake. It's from a Web site called "The Run of Play" and, while it's written in the context of soccer, it's equally applicable to all sports. It's called "Your Stupid Rage" and deals with what the author calls "hyperpartisanship," or basically the type of fandom that ruins a fan's sports experience because he takes it way too seriously.