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K-State Slate: 5.10.11




Wally Judge will be a Rutgers Scarlet Knight next season.

Mark Turgeon is leaving Texas A&M to take Gary Williams' place at Maryland. Seriously, is Iowa State the favorite in the Big 12 this year? All the top teams from last year have suffered major losses in the offseason. Next year could be ugly in the Big 12.

Over at Rock Chalk Talk, hiphop takes his annual look at the state of college basketball. His diagnosis is that the college game used to be the purer version of basketball, and I agree. Between the alarming lack of fundamentals learned at the high school and AAU level and the one-and-done rule, college basketball is losing its alternative-to-the-NBA allure.

I was going to link the actual story first, but Bill C's take on it was so good I'm just linking his morning links post. Colorado AD Mike Bohn basically said that Missouri Governor Jay Nixon's comments about Big 10 academics caused Colorado to go to the Pac-10. I'm sure you all see the logical connection there, right?

Missouri quarterback Tyler Gabbert has decided to transfer from Missouri.