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K-State Slate: 4.8.11




Hello, friends, I'm finally back from the East Coast. Did anything big happen while I was away, like an intra-conference rival hiring the mediocre head coach away from a that happens to be located in our current head coach's hometown?

As of yesterday, there still has been no contact between Frank Martin and Miami.

Gary Parrish -- and an anonymous source -- believe it comes down to money for Miami. If they make the commitment to basketball, then they can get Martin.

Austin Meek thinks Miami is as bad as Whitesnake. Well, something like that.

In other K-State basketball news, the Cats will play West Virginia in Wichita next season. It's like, officially authentically official now. Sorry Shockers, we're playing in your town, but we're not playing you.

The Morris twins have signed with an agent. Adios!