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K-State Slate: 4.27.11




Exhale. Angel Rodriguez signed with K-State yesterday.

K-State closer James Allen is the Big 12 co-pitcher of the week.

K-State's quarterback lineup right now is Collin Klein first, Sammuel Lamur second, and Justin Tuggle third. Apparently, the quarterbacks led an "aerial onslaught" during last week's team scrimmage. Sorry to be "that guy," but that makes me absolutely despondent about how our defense must be playing.

Haskin has his musings at the midweek.

As posted by gw1754 yesterday, the men's golf team is tied for last at the Big 12 championship with one day to play, played at Prairie Dunes in Hutchinson, Kan. Oklahoma State will probably win won something like it's 263rd conference golf title. I don't know if replacing coach Tim Norris is the prudent move here, but with a facility like Colbert Hills, we need to get back to the days when Aaron Watkins and Matt Van Cleave led the Cats to the NCAA Tournament.