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K-State Slate: 4.26.11




Bryce Brown, the new attraction coming to a backfield near you.

Pop bottle bombs? Seriously?

Yesterday was an entertaining day in non-K-State college football. The NCAA gave Ohio State notice of allegationsrelating to Jim Tressel's cover-up of major violations. Documents obtained by the Columbus Dispatchshow that Tressel lied when he said he didn't notify anyone of the violations when he learned of them; in fact, he contacted quite a few people, but nobody in Ohio State's athletic department or university administration. Meanwhile, Dr. Saturday assesses how bad the NCAA pain could be for Ohio State.

Nine of the 11 NCAA panel members who will judge whether the Fiesta Bowl's transgressions are serious enough to justify pulling the NCAA's license took part in the "Fiesta Frolic," which included free hotels and golf, among other things.