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K-State Slate: 4.14.11




Before we get into the K-State news, our prayers to the family of 14-year-old MHS student Tyler Dowling, who was found dead yesterday in Manhattan. KMAN is calling it a homicide. Regardless, a 14 year old is dead, and that's a tragedy no matter what happened.

As mentioned yesterday, Fox and the Big 12 have struck a 13-year TV deal for the conference's second-tier media rights. It's estimated that the annual payout will be $90 million, up from the previous $20 million. So, we lost two schools and more than quadrupled our yearly intake for second-tier media rights. Yeah, I'll take that.

After a frustrating loss to Creighton on Tuesday, K-State returned home and knocked off Wichita State in baseball, 5-2.

If you're planning on going to Lincoln, Neb., for the K-State/Nebraska baseball series this weekend, adjust your schedule accordingly.

Gary Parrish expects KU's Josh Selby to parlay his one glittering season in Lawrence into an NBA future any day now.