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K-State Slate, 4.12.11




Frank Martin made waves with his comments about his contract yesterday. Austin Meek takes a look at that contract. For my part, I think this was more a case of Frank just having one of his running off at the mouth moments, where he didn't really think about the impact of what he was saying. I can't imagine that he really thought that MIami didn't know what he really made, and would just take media reports regarding his salary as gospel. Pan and I generally agree. I think Frank thought he'd be able to parlay the Miami situation into an extension and raise, but wasn't able to fool John Currie into believing there was any real interest there. 

Perry Jones III is coming back to Baylor. I expect to see him make great strides under Scott Drew's tutelage next year. Is it wrong that my reaction to this was "wow, is the pay at Baylor really better than what an NBA rookie would make?"

Every Day Should Be Saturday has its annual fundraiser to benefit refugees. They are encouraging donations in the form of the score of a game you remember fondly. For instance, if you wanted to memorialize last year's beatdown of KU, you could donate $59.07. Or if you wanted to memorialize the 2002 annihilation, you could make it simple and donate $64.00. You could also pick your favorite win over Nebraska, such was $40.30, $29.28, $49.13, $38.09, or even $45.21. In any event, if you want to donate, hit the link, follow the instructions, and let your help to those in need be a constant reminder of a rival's humiliation.