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K-State Slate: 4.11.11




The K-State baseball team earned its first series win in conference play Sunday by downing No. 7 Oklahoma, 6-2. Good pitching for the Bat Cats bookended the series, as the Wildcats' pitching staff gave up only two runs total on Friday and Sunday. That was enough to overcome Saturday's 14-run outburst by the Sooners. The series win boosts K-State to 4-8 in conference play and into position to make the conference tournament if the season ended today.

Austin Meek thinks no news might be good news, but could include bad news, too. I think I've heard that sentiment from someone else this weekend, too.

Barking Carnival reports that UT's Jordan Hamilton and Tristan Thompson will enter the NBA Draft.

Cowboys Ride for Free has its Big 12 power rankings, which is entertaining as long as you don't take these things too personally.