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K-State Slate: 3.8.11

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K-State is now a ranked basketball team again.

Quickly...Brittany Chambers named All-Big 12...High jumper Erik Kynard, Jr., is your midwest track and field athlete of the year...the K-State men's and women's golf teams are in action in Fresno, Calif., this week.

Pat Knight is out as Texas Tech's basketball coach. That is, he will be out as soon as Tech officially ends its season by losing in the Big 12 Tournament. Lame-duck coaches...gotta love 'em.

While we're on the subject of Texas Tech, Craig James was sorely mistaken in his belief that he has support in West Texas.

Now we're hearing that Ohio State coach Jim Tressel knew about his players selling their bowl gear as early as April 2010. I'd like to say "wow, this could be big trouble for Ohio State" but I know better than to think that the NCAA would actually do something to one of its golden boys.