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An Open Letter to Jake

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Dear Jake,

This is a letter that's long overdue. Earlier in the season, I wrote some things in this blog when you and the team were struggling that I've come to regret. While the season was spinning out of control at the time--and I tend to be a very passionate fan--I think I crossed the line from legitimate criticism, and for that I'm very sorry.

Your time at my alma mater (class of '98) has been a true credit to both the institution and the basketball program. You have shown heart, determination, and sheer courage in measures that haven't been seen in our program for many years. While your performance in your last game was epic, so was your class in the face of an idiotic question from a Jayhawk fan masquerading as a K-State beat reporter. Frank was equally right to call out the Hawkdouche. You are an amazing player, and I'll never forget the four years of blood, sweat, and yes, tears you gave to my school--our school.

The memories you gave to me--to all of us--will last forever. Again, I apologize, and I close with this:

You, Jake, are one of the greatest players to ever pull on the purple.


K. Scott Bailey, Class of 1998 (and one of the dumbasses who doubted you and this team)