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K-State Slate: 3.18.11




K-State knocked Utah State out of the tournament with a 73-68 win last night in Tucson. Say what you want, but at this time of year, any win is a good win.

The Wildcats' free throw shooting (!) was an important factor in the game. K-State made 24 of 28 from the free throw line in last night's victory.

Shane Southwell stepped up and played a good game with Jacob Pullen still recovering from his fever. Also, can we stop talking about the NCAA's stupid APR formula? All three of K-State's seniors last year graduated, and news reports this year indicate that both Curtis Kelly and Pullen will graduate. There may be some things to worry about with this basketball program, but graduation rates aren't among them.

Missouri bowed out of the tournament quickly, losing by 15 to Cincinnati last night.

This picture of Rick Pitino and Louisville's mascot is awesome.