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K-State Slate: 3.16.11

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Don't forget, there's still time to enter the BOTC Bracket Contest. The number is 104278 and the password is FearTheBeard.

Jacob Pullen is looking to step up on college basketball's biggest stage.

As posted by ohiocats84 yesterday, USU's Tai Wesley is something of an instigator on the court. Itchy's right, this makes me think there will almost certainly be a double foul with Jamar Samuels at some point. Getting off to a good start would be a great way to shut Wesley up, as guys like that tend to pout when things aren't going their way.

Of course, Jamar Samuels is trying to take a more even-keeled approach after last year's poor showing in the NCAA Tournament. So maybe he just won't listen to Wesley's talk.

Berry Tramel doesn't expect Oklahoma to hire Billy Gillispie, primarily because of his drinking problems. (Note Texas Tech salivating in the corner of the room hoping OU does just exactly that)

Poor Baylor didn't get an NIT invitation. We all feel terrible.