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K-State Slate: 3.15.11




The biggest news in the Big 12 yesterday was the story that the conference is close to a deal with Fox that would triple its TV deal. I was going to write about this last night, but I didn't get around to it. Fortunately, my good friend CrossCyed did so over at Clone Chronicles, and I highly recommend reading his post. The best news for the Big 12 is that Texas has created a network that other conferences won't allow it to have, and increased revenue for the other schools should make it more difficult for a Texas A&M or Missouri to be lured away.

Meanwhile, not everybody is happy with the media deals its school is making. USC blog Conquest Chronicles looks at the possibility that USC will sign over the Pac-12 its broadcast rights for the next 10 years. My takeaway from this article? USC could really take lessons in being greedy from Texas.

Jacob Pullen is a finalist for the Naismith Award.

K-State's women are an eight seed and will travel to Connecticut to face Purdue.

Oklahoma fired Jeff Capel. Crimson and Cream Machine looks at who might replace him.