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K-State Slate: 3.14.11

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K-State is a five seed in the NCAA Tournament, and will play Utah State on Thursday in Tucson, Ariz.

Utah State, 30-3 on the year and in the RPI top 15, was not thrilled about dropping to a 12 seed.

Yahoo is undeterred by K-State's loss to CU in Kansas City, and believes the Cats could ignite at any moment.

Colorado got left out of the bracket in one of the biggest surprises on Selection Sunday.

Saturday at Sprint Center marked the final game of the 12-team Big 12 Conference. Kevin Haskin thinks the new-look Big 12 will intensify the rivalries. I still find it hilarious that people get pissed off when Texas plays its alma mater after games (the KU fans booed on Saturday when the band struck up "The Eyes of Texas").