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K-State Slate, 3.10.11

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K-State/Colorado, Part III, takes place today at Sprint Center. Can the Wildcats knock off the Buffs in the two schools' final meeting as conference mates?

Curtis Kelly has gone through a lot since his childhood days in the Bronx, N.Y. With a college degree, now he has a chance at a better life.

I'm linking Bill's Mizzou Links, just because...Pat Knight wore a suit in his final game at Texas Tech! The Red Raiders lost to Missouri last night, but they made it interesting at the end.

St. John's tried to pull a "Pasco Fiasco" last night against Rutgers, but the referees refused to cooperate.

Baylor forward Perry Jones was suspended for last night's loss to Oklahoma after (all together now!) receiving impermissible benefits. Ohio State and Auburn laugh at such trifling matters.

The emails between Jim Tressel and the attorney who tipped him off about his players' indiscretions have been made public.