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K-State Slate: 2.7.11




It wasn't always pretty, but on Jacob Pullen's last-second layup, K-State defeated Iowa State, 86-85.

I'm sure Riley, Kansas, was going nuts last night. Jordy Nelson caught nine passes for 140 yards and the first touchdown of the game in Super Bowl XLV. Troy Aikman said at one point that Nelson presented matchup problems. Ahh, yes, Texas Longhorns fans know all about that.

K-State got a conference road win in women's basketball this weekend, too, downing Missouri, 60-55, in overtime.

People still don't get it. Oklahoma is working toward establishing its own network. Good for OU. But in this article, the author and a guy who works in marketing speculate that the Big 12 will fall apart with these new TV deals, because K-State and Iowa State won't be able to compete and will find a fairer playground. I feel quite comfortable in saying that as long as the money is there for us, too, we'll be more than happy to take our chances here. Does anyone think in terms of alternatives anymore?

Thanks to the win over Iowa State, we're still bubbling.