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K-State Slate: 2.24.11

K-State got a huge road win over Nebraska Wednesday night, winning 61-57.

I'm as tired of the "NIT quote" as everyone else, but this article gives us as good a chance as any to make this note: Jacob Pullen is on a tear right now. Also, I recommend you read the first (and right now, only) comment after this article, because it is probably the dumbest comment I've seen on a TCJ article, which is really saying something.

Austin Meek has a little more on K-State's improved offensive efficiency.

Missouri hammered Baylor, 77-59. Looks like Saturday's game in Manhattan will go a long way toward determining who ends up as the fourth seed in the Big 12 Tournament. Texas A&M got a win over Oklahoma, 61-47 (yes, 47). And finally, Colorado snuck past Texas Tech, 71-68.