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K-State Slate, 2.22.11




Jacob Pullen is your Big 12 player of the week again.

K-State travels to Lincoln on Wednesday to face Nebraska, who is trying to qualify for its seventh NCAA Tournament berth.

Rush the Court has a look at the Big 12.

K-State's baseball team opened the season with a three-game sweep of Pacific. Good start for the Bat Cats.

KU's Tyshawn Taylor was suspended indefinitely for violating team rules. If you watched the game, it really looked like he was suffering a severe punishment. All he did was sit quietly on the bench with a sullen look on his face. (That was all sarcasm, by the way)

Are we nearing the point where a group of 30-50 universities break away from the NCAA and form a minor-league football and basketball system, leaving everyone else to "true student-athlete competition"? Houston's Clear Thinkers ponders that possibility.