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K-State Slate: 2.2.11




For once, the doomsday predictions were right. I can't even get out of my neighborhood right now.

In huge news for SB Nation, Rob Neyer left ESPN and will now be writing for SBN. Just overlook that little blurb at the end about the college team he supports.

Interesting contradiction in headlines on the TCJ site today. The lead article is "Martin: 'I'm never going to change.'" Mostly, he talks about how he'll never change his expectations. That's fine.

Below that, Kevin Haskin writes that "Martin can change, and for the best." I wouldn't hold my breath on that type of change.

Today is national signing day for college football. Because I agree with Black Heart Gold Pants that "Caring is Creepy," and because I have to get some work done today whether I can get out of my neighborhood or not, I won't be posting a lot of updates. But you can keep track of the happenings on SB Nation and post your own updates here in the comments.

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