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K-State Defeats KU, 84-68

K-State got back to playing like the Junkyard Cats, or the Dobermans, or whatever moniker you preferred from the team that made an Elite Eight run last season. Coming off a loss to Colorado on Saturday to drop to 4-6 in conference play and facing top-ranked and arch-nemesis KU, the story was looking bleak for K-State.

But Jacob Pullen put together a performance for the ages, dropping 38 points on the Jayhawks in a game in which KU never really threatened. The win gives K-State a much-needed boost and quickly improves their NCAA Tournament resume. If the Wildcats can sustain the level of play we saw tonight, we could quickly forget about how disappointing the last two months have been for this team.

Of course, all that's for the coming days and weeks. For now, fill your glass and raise a toast to the Cats. EMAW!