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K-State Slate: 2.14.11




This will be my only Slate of the week, as I'm off to Hoosier country the rest of the week. We will probably put up community links posts the rest of the week, but feel free to post a Slate FanShot if we forget.

It took a postgame review of Rodney McGruder's three, but K-State lost to Colorado on Saturday night. It was another brutal game on offense, as the Wildcats scored only 56 points.

After the game, a Colorado student insulted Jamar Samuels' mom. Frank Martin was furious.

Things don't get any easier, as the reeling Wildcats return home to face KU, who will probably be the No. 1 team in the country when the polls come out today.

It wasn't much better for the K-State women, who lost to Iowa State, 61-53.

Of course, a couple losses in basketball pales in comparison to getting stabbed. Former K-State wide receiver Brandon Banks and a lifelong friend were stabbed in Washington, D.C. early Saturday morning. Banks will be OK, his friend was in critical condition.