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K-State Slate: 2.11.10




Hey, look everybody, it's Friday and I'm actually posting the Slate!

As posted (much) earlier this morning by GTCat, Curtis Kelly will play Saturday against Colorado. With Kelly back in the lineup, CU's recent and last month's home loss to the Buffaloes, this is pretty much a must win for K-State.

Frank Martin joined Seth Davis of CBS for an interview this week.

The NCAA is going to stagger the start times of NCAA Tournament games this year, in an effort to make sure the games don't all end at the same time. It would be fair to say that I like this.

Rock M Nation's Michael Atchison wrote a tremendous cover story for Basketball Times this month. It's titled "Good Teams on the Great Plains," and discusses the ascendance of K-State and Missouri in recent years to restore some of the heat to the rivalry among K-State, Missouri and KU.

A historical look at defensive efficiency rankings at K-State and Missouri. You'll never guess which coach has had the best single-season defensive efficiency number in the last 13 years for K-State. You simply won't.