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K-State Slate: 2.1.11




I have a feeling that today will live in infamy for those of us in the Kansas City area.

Will Nick Russell follow Wally Judge's lead? At least as of now, it doesn't look like he will. Of course, just "surviving" isn't a great way to live, either.

There's another Lockett on the way. Tyler Lockett will officially become a Wildcat tomorrow.

Texas is on a Sherman's March of destruction through the Big 12 right now. The latest conquest was last night's 69-49 victory over Texas A&M, in College Station, Texas.

As posted by Catbacker98 yesterday, Michael Beasley is still just a bit of a free spirit.

As posted by BracketCat yesterday, Missouri self-reported some egregious secondary violations. Egregious, I say!