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K-State Slate: 12.7.11


K-State Football

Bill Snyder is the AP Big 12 coach of the year.

Austin Meek isn't surprised that the Sugar Bowl chose Virginia Tech over K-State. After all, you can't blame a wolf for being a wolf.

The Big 12 could use the payout from the extra BCS appearance.

K-State Basketball

Frank Martin and Bob Huggins really like each other and still talk a lot. Especially this summer and fall, when it looked like their conferences may implode.

College Football

Bill has his bowl selections (we lose) and the Numerical (Klein is a warrior).

The Big 12 now supports a plus-one bowl format. Yep, until Oklahoma goes undefeated and has to play a one-loss team in the national title game.

Spencer Hall ranks the bowls, with commentary by your stupid relative. In our case, that stupid relative is probably a KU fan.

Time for a rundown of coaches no longer available for KU. North Carolina is reportedly going to hire Southern Mississippi's Larry Fedora. Here's your full rundown of the 2011 Coaching Carousel

The Big East has finally expanded, adding Boise State, Houston, San Diego State, Central Florida and SMU. New name suggestions welcome, as Big "East" no longer applies.