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BCS Selection Show Open Thread

This is probably going to be anticlimactic after word leaked earlier that the Sugar Bowl would select Virginia Tech, which almost certainly leaves K-State in Dallas for the Cotton Bowl. That's not a bad deal for a school that was picked eighth in the Big 12 before the year, but given that K-State is better on the merits than Virginia Tech and would sell at least as many Sugar Bowl tickets as VT, it's a bitter pill to swallow for K-State fans who were hoping for BCS bowl appearance.

In the national title chase, Oklahoma State gained ground on Alabama in the USA Today Coaches Poll, which is one third of the BCS calculation, but it probably wasn't enough. The Harris Poll results, which are one third of the BCS calculation, will not be released until after the BCS show.

The BCS standings will be released at 7:15 p.m., CST, on ESPN. Based on the results of the Coaches Poll and the Harris Poll, it looks like we will get a rematch of the Snooze of the Century in New Orleans.

College football everyone. The most awesome and most awful spectacle in sports.