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K-State Slate: 12.30.11


Not a lot out there today on K-State, so this will be a bit of a grab bag. Happy New Year!

Alamo Bowl

Baylor and Washington put on one of the greatest displays of offense I've ever seen, and the Bears beat the Huskies, 67-56. The teams combined for nearly 1,400 yards, 123 points, and 17 touchdowns. Some people were less impressed.

Pac-12/Big 10 Alliance

Frank the Tank takes a look at the new scheduling alliance between the conferences that traditionally provide the Rose Bowl participants.

Big 12 Basketball

KU rolled over Howard in an 89-34 laugher last night in Lawrence. The Bison travel to Manhattan to face K-State on New Year's Eve.

Oklahoma couldn't hold on and lost to Cincinnati, 56-55.

Texas A&M only beat some team called "Arkansas Tech" by 18. Is that more cause for concern for the Aggies, or am I underestimating Arkansas Tech?