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K-State Slate: 12.28.11


K-State Basketball

Curtis Kitchen lists the treasure K-State discovered in Hawai'i while winning the Diamond Head Classic.

Kitchen also takes a look at the five biggest headlines in Big 12 basketball with conference play right around the corner. How close around the corner? One week from tonight, K-State will tipoff conference play when it faces KU in that barn down the river.

Haskin has his musings at the midweek, including a little K-State basketball.

Rush the Court checks in on the Big 12.

Rush the Court also had a Morning Five dedicated to the Big 12 yesterday.

K-State Football

K-State makes Dr. Saturday's list of biggest comebacks for its triple-overtime victory over Texas A&M. I've neglected his Superlatives lists, which is too bad because K-State has been featured fairly prominently. Collin Klein makes the list of biggest overachievers, and as you already knew Tyler Lockett cracked the list of the best breakout players.

2011 Conference Realignment

The Big East's lawsuit against West Virginia will be heard in a Rhode Island court. It's clear I should have followed this more closely from the beginning, because I'm thoroughly confused as to how the case ended up in this posture.