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K-State Slate: 12.23.11


K-State Basketball

K-State finally made its open shots and rolled to an 83-58 win over Southern Illinois in the Diamond Head Classic. The Wildcats will face the UTEP MIners today at 4:00 p.m. CST in the semifinals. Game thread will be up at 3.

Jamar Samuels flew to Hawai'i separate from the team after attending his grandmother's funeral, then played well off the bench against Southern Illinois.

First thing's first and all, but Long Beach State knocked off Xavier on the other side of the Diamond Head bracket, ruining K-State's chance for an RPI-boosting game with the Musketeers in the championship game. But I'm starting to think that a win over at team like LBSU could carry a decent amount of weight by the end of the season.

Meeks sees the possibility for a power shift in Big 12 basketball this winter. With Missouri and Baylor looking like the favorites at this point, I'd say that's entirely possible.

The Wildcats are knocking on the door and finding their way onto radar screens with their 8-1 record.

Big 12 Basketball

It was a real mixed bag for the Big 12 yesterday. On the good side, Missouri got a 78-74 win over Illinois in the Some Cheap Domestic Beer Braggin' Rights game. KU beat a horrendous USC team, 63-47 (after leading 25-13 at halftime).

On the bad side, Texas Tech got worked by Oral Roberts in a 72-56 loss, and Texas A&M lost at home to Rice, 65-58. Yes, Rice. The Owls.

Other Stuff

Matt Ufford over at the mothership has an excellent piece on the five laziest accusations in sports commentary, and what they mean. Good stuff to keep in mind.

Terrible news here. Texas A&M offensive lineman Joe Villavisencio died in a car crash yesterday.

If Texas is the Joneses, then what is K-State, the school that beats the Joneses in everything?

It was a big day for KU football and pulling in transfer quarterbacks. First it was Notre Dame's Dayne Crist, who will rejoin Charlie Weis, then it was Jake Heaps, who will leave BYU and should have two years of eligibility after sitting out next year.