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K-State Slate: 12.21.11


K-State Football

You knew this story was coming at some point. It's no secret that Bill Snyder's favorite part of bowl preparation time is the extra month (more, this year) of practice, which gives him a chance to give next year's players repetitions. Make sure to read the whole article, lots of good info here.

Success won't change Bill Snyder's recruiting approach. Not sure why you'd change something that's working, but there you have it.

K-State Basketball

Thomas Gipson makes Rush the Court's list of overachievers for his play thus far for K-State.

College Football

Ohio State received a postseason ban next year, Jim Tressel was hit with a five-year show-cause penalty, and the Buckeyes lose three scholarships per season for the next three seasons.

The AP chose LSU's Les Miles as its coach of the year yesterday, with Bill Snyder finishing second. But what would Miles have done with Snyder's roster this year? His time at Oklahoma State is instructive.