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Farmageddon 3: Farm With a Vengeance

Look, people, I'll make this short and sweet...

Tomorrow, Kansas State faces Iowa State in a game that may decide whether or not K-State receives a share of the Big 12 title and/or a bid to a BCS bowl game. But that's secondary to what's really at stake tomorrow...

The American way of life.

Yes, as you all know, the annual Kansas State/Iowa State match-up, known by men, women, and children across this great nation as "Farmageddon", is about more than just a football game between a school that loves competing on the gridiron and another school that loves watching nineteen year-old anorexic boys grab at each others balls while wearing dental headgear and spandex. It's about America.

It's about wearing denim on parts of your body that have no business being clothed in it. It's about plaid shirts, big belt buckles, and steel-toed boots. It's about eating fried chicken with members of your family around a table covered in one of those red-and-white checker tablecloths. I mean, goddamnit, it's about tractors, trucks, and men who name female dogs, "Duke".

And, Farmageddon, most of all, is about Lee. Fucking. Greenwood.

Tomorrow, no matter who you root for, remember there are no losers in Farmageddon. There is one winner, and her name is "America". So, remember that tomorrow is really a four hour celebration of this great country of ours, and know that because you sit in that stadium, you're a better person for it.

God Bless Farmageddon, and God Bless America.

Take it away, Lee.