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K-State Slate: 12.16.11

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K-State Basketball

Despite being from Texas, and a large and athletic human being, Thomas Gipson has never played a snap of football. That was good for Frank Martin and the K-State basketball program.

K-State Football

SB Nation named Nigel Malone a first-team All American at defensive back, and picked Bill Snyder as its coach of the year.

John Currie (or Curry, good job, KC Star editors) has fond memories of the Cotton Bowl. From personal experience I can tell you he's fond of telling the story about K-State's showing at the Cotton Bowl when he was there with Tennessee. It's the first story I heard him tell when he was at the Kaw Valley Catbackers gathering a couple years ago.

College Football

Turner Gill is now the head football coach at Jerry Falwell's university? Sounds like a match made in...uhh, never mind.

USA Today has the Turner Gill news with a picture of a black man who doesn't look like Turner Gill at all.

Keeping with the KU theme, Charlie Weis' contract is five years at $2.5 million per year, with all $12.5 million guaranteed. Nothing like a commitment to winning.