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K-State Slate: 12.15.11


K-State Football

Arthur Brown had a breakthrough season for K-State this year, but he had to do it alone after his brother, Bryce, left the team three games into the season. It's sad to read Arthur's comment where he said he's not really sure what Bryce is doing right now.

With K-State sports on break for finals, the rest of the Slate will be devoted to entertaining happenings from elsewhere in college sports...

College Football

Todd Graham left Pitt for Arizona State after less than one year at Pitt. He told his players he was leaving via a text message sent to the director of football operations, to be forwarded on to his players. One of his players went on an impressive Twitter rant about Graham's departure.

Mike Leach, do you think Craig James can win his campaign for a Senate seat? "Uh, does anybody?" Love you, Mike.

KU Athletes are Kind of Bad at Remembering to Show Up for Court

KU basketball player Ben McLemore was arrested after he failed to show up for a court appearance in his minor in possession case. Seriously, as good as the kids are with the technology these days, you'd think he could set up a calendar reminder or something. At least he didn't take a default judgment like Sherron Collins.