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K-State Slate: 12.13.11


K-State Basketball

Thomas Gipson is a throwback player in the post for K-State, the rare young player these days who is willing to play with his back to the basket. His 23-point, 12-rebound effort against North Florida earned him Big 12 rookie of the week honors.

K-State Football

I missed this yesterday, so my apologies. K-State's football banquet was Sunday, and team awards were presented. It's disappointing to me to see David Garrett's name missing from the list. Also, if you're in or around Manhattan, give the Rat a hand. He has a lot of graduation cake that needs someone to eat it.

Over at goEMAW, ksu_FAN has a good overview of Arkansas' offense, defense and special teams.

College Football

Check out this week's Alphabetical, with the Heisman ceremony as the primary focus.

Bill ranks the head-coaching hires, from no-brainer to baffling.

Virginia Tech travels so well. The Hokies really put K-State to shame.