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K-State Slate: 11.9.11




K-State Football

K-State's defense is working to regroup after two straight games where opposing quarterbacks threw for more than 500 yards. Be sure to check out the notes section. Bill Snyder "feel(s) badly" about the Penn State situation and hasn't even considered the fact that this will be K-State's last matchup with Texas A&M.

The Wildcats dropped one spot in this week's BlogPoll, to No. 18.

College Football

Missouri defensive tackle Sheldon Richardson hates people from Texas. Like, a lot.

K-State Basketball

Rush the Court has its preview of K-State basketball this season. I can't tell if they're projecting the Wildcats to finish sixth or just repeating the preseason coaches' poll.

K-State Women's Basketball

The Wildcats beat Washburn, 52-50, in an exhibition game at Bramlage Coliseum on Tuesday.

The Penn State Scandal

Several hundred students rallied in support of Joe Paterno last night. Look, I'm not condemning Paterno as harshly as most. He did what he was legally required to do, and the real failing here was the graduate assistant who actually witnessed the rape of a child and did nothing to stop it and the administrators who received reports of what happened and did not report it to police. But a rally in Paterno's support is nothing more than a group of college students with mob mentality who haven't thought the situation through. Paterno doesn't deserve to be condemned as harshly as some have, but he didn't exactly handle the situation well.

The Harrisburg Patriot-News devoted its entire front page to an editorial calling for Graham Spanier and Joe Paterno to leave Penn State.

You really should watch Matt Millen reacting to the Penn State scandal in real time on ESPN yesterday.

This is a 1975 Penn State graduate burning his diploma on campus.

Penn State is a cautionary tale for all who work in college athletics. It really could happen anywhere, if administrators fail to exercise sound judgment.