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K-State Slate: 11.8.11


K-State Football

After a tough loss to Oklahoma State, K-State will look to finish strong in winnable games against Texas A&M, Texas and Iowa State. A 3-0 record almost certainly means a Cotton Bowl appearance.

Even at 8-4, Bill has the Cats in the Cotton Bowl. It would be weird not to play a bowl game until January 6.

K-State Basketball

Thomas Gipson flexed his muscles in K-State's exhibition against Fort Hays State, as well as on p. 66 of the media guide (hope they had a wide-angle lens). Also, Frank Martin can be irritable when reporters ask him legitimate questions, and Martavious Irving says Jamar Samuels had a knee hernia.

Dobbertean has the first version of SB Nation's Bracketology out. No Jacob Pullen and no Curtis Kelly equals no K-State, and not just no K-State in the bracket, but not even in the first eight out. That I could maybe see, but to have us out with Missouri and Oklahoma State (and Wichita State!) in is almost indefensible. Of course, it's all indefensible, considering that we're trying to predict the NCAA bracket before a single meaningful game has even been played.

College Football

It's getting even uglier at Penn State. Students are revolting against the administration and hanging signs on statues of revered figures on campus.

Spencer points out that the law only covers so much. At some point, moral responsibility should have lead Joe Paterno, and others, to call the police. Fair points, but Morse persuasively makes the counterargument that Paterno did what he was supposed to do, and that trying to do more would have amounted to improper meddling.

Hinton thinks this is the beginning of the wrong goodbye for Paterno.