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Postgame Thread: K-State Loses to Oklahoma State, 52-45

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We shouldn't even be upset.

All of us, in our heart of hearts, knew the odds on K-State winning this game were long. A lot of us were just hoping the Wildcats didn't get blown out. Then Oklahoma State jumped ahead 14-0, and it looked like the rout could be on. And in the second half, the Cowboys took a 10-point lead and it started to look like last week again. Except on the road.

Only it wasn't. In the first half, K-State forced Oklahoma State turnovers and jumped ahead. In the second half, the Cats ground things out on the ground, trading blows with OSU despite the K-State defense's obvious deficiencies. K-State took the lead, gave it up, tied it up again, then lost it again, and then had a chance to tie it up on the last play of the game.

I hate that the last play had to be a poor decision and throw by Collin Klein. Even though he made a bad play on the most crucial play of the game, he doesn't deserve even the slightest bit of blame for this loss. He was bruised, bloodied, absorbed cheap shots, and kept bouncing up and making big plays.

Although the defense periodically slowed down one of the best offenses in the country, the players are constantly out of position and gave up some crucial big plays. Despite all the good feelings I have for Bill Snyder and the job he's done this year, he will never achieve what he could if the doesn't replace Chris Cosh.

Take heart, K-State fans. I'm going to paraphrase Snyder here. Does this loss hurt? Yes? Good, that means you cared.

It's good to care again.