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K-State Slate: 11.4.11




K-State Football

K-State needs to control the ball when it meets up with Oklahoma State's high-octane offense on Saturday. You'll see similar sentiments in my Kicking the Tires post later this morning.

Haskin takes a look back at K-State's 34-21 win over Colorado back in 2006. It's funny the things you remember about games, and I remember watching that one at an off-campus "frat" house in College Station, Texas, with a buddy from law school before we went to the Texas A&M/Oklahoma game later that night at Kyle Field.

CRFF wonders if Bill Snyder will work his magic in Stillwater.

K-State Basketball

Ken Pomeroy's 2012 basketball ratings are out. K-State checks in at No. 41.

College Sports

Like Bill, I've barely mentioned the NCAA's new pay-for-play rules, a/k/a the cost of attendance increase, but Senator Blutarsky has an excellent post examining what's on the horizon.