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BLOGPOLL TOP 25: Sunday Bloody Sunday

Well, missed my deadline again, but considering the BCS has rendered the last two weeks of the regular season virtually irrelevant ("Every Game Matters," my ass) and everyone's ballot is essentially the same as last week, only with an Arkansas slide downward, not sure it really matters.

My Week 14 SB Nation BlogPoll ballot, again posted without comment, follows after the jump.

The major talk this week, of course, is the coaching carousel. Sunday was one of the bloodiest firing days I've seen, with no fewer than 10 coaches losing their jobs in a 36-hour period, not to mention a certain Syracuse assistant basketball coach. On the heels of that, we got a little Urban renewal in Columbus, Ohio.

None of those teams will be found in my ballot, of course. And certain readers will be glad to see a particular green-and-white Big Ten team took a bit of a tumble this week.

The waiting list for Week 14 comprises BYU, Cincinnati, Ohio and West Virginia, in no particular order.